For Members



The Society works closely with Hampshire County Council to overcome problems on the footpaths and bridleways in the 13 parishes.


The Footpath Secretary, Kelvin Winch, filters reports from members (and non-members) before sending them to the HCC Rights of Way team. The team also send Kelvin reports they receive directly from the public for checking.    


You may come across a blocked path, broken stile or gate, unclear signposting or way marking or anything which prevents the right-of-way being used properly.  


In the first instance please use the following form to report the problem.  


Please include your phone number so that the exact location and difficulty can be discussed and assessed.  It is useful if you can find the footpath number and give the grid reference.  

Phone number  
Where is the problem  
What is wrong  
Is it urgent  
Any more details (If none - write nil)