4th December
Christmas Party 
Greyfiars Monday 4th December
 Starts at 7.00pm

£9 per person

As last year, members of the committee (Julie, Hazel & Tricia) will be making a seasonal cold
buffet supper & we will enjoy the fabulous puddings provided by many of you, which were
such a success in previous years. We will finish with coffee & mince pies.
Our menfolk will "man the bar" & we will have quizzes & a raffle. We have to keep numbers
below 80, so please complete the application form & return a.s.a.p. to Hazel.


Raffle prizes would be appreciated.


The Summer Lunch

The Summer Lunch was the first event of RFFS we had attended other than walks, we have not been members for long, and have not got out often so don't know many people yet but were made very welcome. Congratulations to all who were involved in organising it, we thought it was excellent. The hall is a good venue, it has plenty of room, good facilities and plenty of parking.

The walk beforehand was just right, aided by perfect weather for a stroll, giving us a good appetite for the wonderful spread that awaited us .
I thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes I had, as did my husband. My only comment foodwise is that it would help vegetarians and the fussier eaters if dishes, especially savouries, had a label saying what they are, as some things (especially pies!) are tricky to identify. I was fine as I can (and do) eat almost anything but some people can't. I thought the bean and pasta salad was very good, and would like the recipe for that if possible. The redcurrant cheesecake, apparently was very popular, (see recipe below)
We thought it was a really good event, and hope it is made a regular on the calendar.
Thanks again to the organisers.
                                     Angie & Mick Edwards

Easy Creamy Cheesecake
(my adaptations in brackets!)
From Tender vol 2 by Nigel Slater
Base- 90g butter. 200g shortbread type biscuits and 150g oatcakes ( I used 350g digestives) Filling- 350ml double cream (I used 300ml extra thick cream)150g caster sugar 650g cream cheese (I used 3 x 200g packs full fat soft cheese,like "Philly") Zest of 1 lemon finely grated. A few drops of vanilla extract, or essence. I also added about 3 tablespoons of blackberry puree that I had in the freezer)
Topping- Whatever fruit you fancy, I used red currants, something with a good strong flavour works best, damsons are fantastic! Just cook the
fruit with a very little water and sugar to taste, if it's too runny either use some gelatine, arrowroot or cornflour to thicken. Other combinations I have used are Gooseberries on top and elderflower cordial or liqueur in the cream and Blackberries with blackcurrant liqueur on top and blackberry puree in cream.


Crush the biscuits between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper with a rolling pin, or put in a processor.
Melt the butter in either a large bowl or pan,
add the crushed biscuits and mix well. Press
firmly into the base of a 20cm spring form or loose base cake tin (I lined it with greaseproof
paper to make sure I could get it out easily) and chill well to set. Whip the cream and sugar together until holding shape, then mix in the cream cheese, lemon zest and vanilla. Do not over mix or the texture will be wrong. Taste it and add more sugar or flavouring if needed. If you want to add fruit puree or anything else now is the time, leaving the puree marbled looks nice. Pile it onto the biscuit base, smooth flat and put in fridge to firm for an hour or so, then put the fruit on top gently and put it back in the fridge. It is easier to get it out of the tin when cold, but it eats best if not too chilled.
                                               Julie Whiteing


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