A number of our members successfully installed
a kissing gate on Ellingham FP 8 and a self closing gate on Hyde 712, also a redundant stile on the path between the two gates was removed. Many thanks are due to all those involved although I was of little help to them, having sustained an injury the week before.
HCC have asked if we could help repair two
boardwalks on the AVP, one across the water
meadows in Ringwood and the other just north of the new bridge in Fordingbridge: some more
work for our volunteers.
As part of this year's Rolling Review Rowan Brockhurst checked the Sandleheath paths mentioned in the previous Waymark. A brief extract from his comprehensive report states that BW 780 is no longer gated at the entrance to Hurley Farm, instead there are bollards to prevent vehicle access. Going west the path is approximately 3m wide and well surfaced up to the Rockbourne / Sandleheath parish Boundary. Paths 781 & 715 have been similarly surfaced and raised in the damp sections with improved drainage.


I am sure that users of these routes will be well pleased with the improvements carried out by HCC.
Reports from our volunteer surveyors on this
years Rolling Review are being processed and any urgent problems reported. Many of the growth problems that have been reported were subsequently found to be cleared either by the Parish Lengthsman or HCC Rights of Way. As usual the largest number of problems logged are signposting or waymarking with a large number of waymarks having faded so much as to be illegible. We will rectify as many waymarking problems as possible over the winter period.
HCC have reported that the surface of Fordingbridge Footpath 78b which was on the line of a grubbed out hedge is now satisfactory but the problem of a fence encroaching on to the line of the path is still to be resolved. I am sad to report that there is no news regarding Ringwood Footpath 38 at St. Andrews Lodge.
                     Kelvin Winch - Footpath Secretary


At the beginning of July a few of our members
along with two HCC rangers removed three poor stiles on one of the routes between Ibsley and Gorley commons (see previous Waymark), two new gates were installed and a gap was left where the centre stile had been.
The photographs show one of the stiles as it was, our members installing the gate and finally the finished gate with a new fingerpost.                                                                 Kelvin


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