Issue No.173 September 2017


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News from the Ringwood and Fordingbridge Footpath Society

In the last Waymark I said that I hoped that lots of you would be out walking. I was hoping you would be enjoying the walking, the great
outdoors and meeting with fellow members.
Unfortunately the weather has put many of you off doing so. First it was too hot and then too wet. This has meant the walks I have led have had far fewer participants than usual. I have modified walk routes as appropriate as I am sure other walk leaders do. For the first time ever no one turned up on one of my walks! This was understandable as the rain was horrendous. I am hoping the weather will be more favourable for walking in the next 3 months.
I was shocked by the results of a Department of Transport survey which found that 21% of the population take a walk of 20 minutes or more only once per year. I hope none of our members fall into this category. The Health Walks Programme provides for the less able and there are walks of varying lengths in our programme. We cater for most abilities and I hope to see lots of you out walking in the next 3 months. Weather permitting of course. Remember leaders can and do change planned routes in adverse conditions.

Details of the proposed route of the England Coast Path are due to be published on 30th August. The publication date has been delayed on several occasions but I am hopeful we will learn more about the route on the 30th August. The first stage of the consultation on a Recreation Management Strategy for the whole of the New Forest area has been completed. The number of responses has exceeded expectations. When the responses have been analysed we should learn more. Lots of people have very strong views about what recreation should be allowed and where. I accept that as walkers we need to avoid areas important for wildlife. Personally I think that if there were well maintained an signed/waymarked routes with adequate car parking on the periphery of our area we would be walking there rather than in the central more tranquil areas which are important for wildlife.
Now a plea for some help. If we are to continue having a presence at local shows we need someone
to take on responsibility for erecting our stand and gazebo. It would be good if a member, or 2 would take on the publicity role. This would enable Julie Whiteing who is currently responsible for publicity to concentrate on social activities.
Talk to me or Julie if you can help.

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