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News from the Ringwood and Fordingbridge Footpath Society

This is the rst Waymark since our AGM, our
43rd, in March and I thought those of you who
were not present might be interested to have a little feedback. Two of our Committee members have given up their Committee roles after many years. Dave Seymour and Charles Sexton. We marked their retirements with the gift of patio roses. We wish them both well, they may have given up their committee roles but I hope we will see them at forthcoming Footpath Society events. Now a few statistics. We now have 310 members and our walks programme during the year gave the opportunity to walk 476 miles. I don't expect anyone did. After the formal AGM we had talks from Sam Jones of HCC and Craig Daters of the New Forest National Park. We learnt about the work they have done in our patch during the year.
A lot has been done to improve the Avon Valley Path, mainly in Fordingbridge Parish and we hope to have a small celebration of this when a new Information Board is installed, adjacent to the path at Fordingbridge Church. I hoped to be able to inform you of the date of this in this editorial
but I cannot do so. I will publicise the date on
walks and via the email alert system.
Craig Daters talked about the success of the
Healthy Walking Programme and explained the importance of complying with the notices about ground nesting bird sites.

I expect most of you will have seen these notices. It is important to leave the birds breeding sites undisturbed if numbers of these rare species are to increase.
Recently I have heard some interesting information about maps. I expect that those of you who have bought a new OS Map recently will realise it is an "Active Map": it gives you a link to the Internet. More recently Aerial 3D mapping has become available. It is an online digital service, initially free as a trial. At the moment it covers some of the "most stunning natural sites". These include Ben Nevis, the Cheddar Gorge and the White Cliffs of Dover. I have also read a report of a dress made of silk maps being on display in the British Library. I don't know if it is still there.
With the coming of summer I hope lots of you will be out walking. Remember that from now until early autumn ticks are a threat, particular in the Forest. Their numbers are increasing. Tick bites can cause the bacterial infection Lymes Disease. Advice is to avoid walking in long grass, use paths, wear trousers rather than shorts, and boots rather than sandals. Remember prevention is better than cure. If you nd a tick on your body remove it as soon as possible by gripping it with tweezers or using a special removal tool.
Happy walking.

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