Our Christmas Event


The Footpath Society celebration of Christmas
had a different format in 2016. It was very
successful thanks to the hard work of Hazel Winch,
Julie Whiteing, Tricia Holloway and a number of
others. Thank you also to those who provided the
delicious sweets.
Is anyone able to take over the organising of this and other social events? Some assistance is required. If you can help please speak to me or any of the walks leaders .                                                                         Ruth



Our walk on 17 November in Damerham clearly demonstrated the need for a local Footpath Society such as ours. What happens if landowners have little or no apparent interest in the state of public rights of way across their land and local authorities so reduce their rights of way budgets that they cannot discharge their responsibilities?
We met stiles that hindered rather than aided progress, boardwalks that are wearing out and in due course will be hazards rather than helps,


On the 8th January we had a very interesting 8.5 mile walk, leader Keith, taking in Coast, River & Town,
showing the river Stour and viewing Christchurch from the Tucton/Wick side where the 15 of us
stopped for lunch                                                 Gina





At least everyone seems to have enjoyed the refreshments and the opportunity to socialise. The quizzes - well they were testing, but fun!

Thanks to Barbara Mackay for the photographs.







paths across fields the surfaces of which have not been restored, so that crops have to be trodden underfoot, and mud that ensured that everyone returned home to some serious boot cleaning.
Happily the weather smiled on us, the rain ceased five minutes before we started and did not reappear until five minutes after we finished and in between the sun shone.
The countryside through which we walked was a delight. Perhaps best of all our leader was the only member of the 15 strong party to measure his length in the mud!
Needless to say our hardworking Footpath Secretary is ensuring that all the problems we find on our walks are drawn to the attention of Hampshire County Council: we just hope that the Council takes appropriate remedial action.





                                                                   We need volunteers

We need your help: have you thought of volunteering to help keep our Rights of Way in a fit state?
Many of you will have walked paths that are difficult due to seasonal growth from the path surface, from boundary hedges, or growth impeding the use of stiles. We do need volunteers to assist with clearance of these problems and someone to coordinate by agreeing dates and times for small groups to carry out the work.

  This work usually requires only secateurs or pruners and will not involve the use of saws or any power tools. We are not looking for full time commitment, only for an hour or two occasionally.
We always have a list of paths that are in  need of attention and do not expect them all to be cleared, but every little helps. If you think you can assist please contact either Ruth or Kelvin for more information.



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